Below you will find some commonly asked questions and their answers. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have…just give us a call.

“I just want a regular cleaning…”

We are so happy that you interested in maintaining your smile. One item that can be confusing for patients is the difference between a cleaning for healthy gums versus a cleaning for gums with periodontal issues. As part of your oral health exam, we will evaluate the condition of your gums using X-rays and measurement by hand to determine if you have any areas affected by periodontal disease which is a bacterial infection of the gum tissues. If signs or symptoms are present, we will prescribe a periodontal scaling and root planing. The areas needing treatment can range from only one tooth/area or up to the entire mouth. No two people are exactly alike therefore, the treatment areas are unique to your needs. Periodontal disease can become a serious issue causing bone loss resulting in painful infection and tooth loss.

If your exam determines that your gums are healthy and free of periodontal disease, then a preventive (“regular”) cleaning will be prescribed.

Our office is committed to providing the proper care for your unique oral health needs. Treatment that is prescribed must match the doctor’s diagnosis which means that a preventive cleaning will not be sufficient to treat periodontal disease. Most insurances cover a percentage of the periodontal therapy and we are happy to work with you to complete your treatment to help prevent premature tooth loss.

“Do you take my insurance?”

We are happy to work with any PPO insurance provider. PPO insurance has the option for you to see in-network and out-of-network providers. This allows to you to see a dentist of your choice which is unlike HMO insurances where you are limited to who your insurance company assigns you to.

So, what is difference between in-network and out-of-network providers? An in-network provider makes a deal with your insurance company to provide certain procedures at special fees and in return the dentist is listed on the insurance company’s preferred provider list. When a dentist is in-network, often times the insurance company will attempt to restrict what services you are able to receive and may even downgrade services when it is more cost-effective for them. This is not the policy of our office.

As an out-of-network non-restricted provider, we do not let the insurance companies dictate your care. Our fees are set to be in-line with or less than other dental offices in the area and we prescribe only what is needed to help keep your smile healthy. We are typically able to receive full reimbursement from the insurance companies as negotiated by your employer.

Dental insurance can be a great resource to help discount the costs of  your care but can be difficult to understand at times. Please contact us with any additional questions as we are happy to help you maximize your insurance benefits.

“I don’t want X-rays because it is too much radiation.”

This is a concern of many patients…and one of ours too! Our world is filled with radiation…from the sun, food we eat, products like cell phones and microwaves and many more. We are constantly exposed to radiation so, when it comes to dental X-rays we are very conscious of limiting your exposure when we can. However, to properly diagnose and provide many dental treatments, X-rays are necessary. We do require X-rays for new patients so that a thorough exam can be completed and the proper treatment can be prescribed. For continuing care patients, X-rays are still required to evaluate any new decay or problems that may arise. We are committed to keeping your exposure to a minimum, therefore we only prescribe X-rays when needed and use the newest and fastest digital X-rays which have a much lower dose than the traditional dental X-rays. Our staff is happy to discuss any additional questions you have regarding dental X-rays and our policies.