At Fossil Creek Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in providing high quality comprehensive dental care for our patients. Below, you will find information of many of the procedures we offer in house. If your particular dental condition requires the attention of a specialist, we have a great network of providers that we work closely with to help you achieve your best smile.

Preventive Care

  • Exams
  • Xrays
  • Prophylactic Cleaning

Periodontal Care

  • Gum Disease
  • Scaling and Root Planning
  • Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning
  • ARestin antibiotics
  • Laser Therapy

Cerec Same-day Crowns

We are able to repair your tooth on the same day!


  • In-Office
  • Touch-up
  • Take-home

Laser Dentistry

  • Frenectomy
  • Laser Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Gingival Recontouring (gummy smile)
  • Cold Sore and Canker Sore Treatment

Bonding, Veneers, and Clear Aligners

  • Bonding
  • Veneers
  • MTM Clear Aligners

Sealants and Fillings

  • Sealants
  • Fillings

Extractions and Implants

  • Extractions
  • Bone-Grafting
  • Implants

Root Canal Therapy

  • Root Canal

Crowns and Bridges

  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Dentures and Partials

  • Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Acrylic partials and Flippers

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